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Jerry Vasilatos with guest Jonathan Todd
Kira with guest Tazima Parris
Jerry, Ed & Kira with with Joe Winston - Punch 9 for Harold
Protest - Rent Control Is Past Due


Jerry Vasilatos is producer, editor and host of Chicago Corner.

Jerry is an award winning filmmaker with producing, directing and editing credits that span features, television, documentaries and commercials. His award winning film “Solstice” has aired on Lifetime Network, and was remastered for its 25th Anniversary reissue in 2018. Other notable projects include work on the series “Gangland” for History Channel, “Independent Lens” and “An Evening with Valerie Simpson in Tribute to Nick Ashford” on PBS, the weekly syndicated series “Made in Hollywood”, and programs for Reelz Channel, Universal Home Video, Fox Atomic and AFI. Jerry also edited “Now You Know”, the romantic comedy written and directed by “Clerks” star Jeff Anderson, and has worked with the late great television luminary Richard Hatch, of “Battlestar Galactica” fame.

Jerry’s civic service includes volunteer work as media team leader for two Chicago mayoral candidates in 2015 and one in 2019. He also served 5 years as Chicago City Producer for the world renowned “48 Hour Film Project”, while developing projects for his company Nitestar Productions as a founding member of Cinespace’s Stage 18 in Chicago, home of the NBC Dick Wolfe “Chicago” television franchise. He has also been an advocate of the homeless and recovering children through his volunteer work with the Night Ministry and Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Jerry is also the inventor of the EZ-Walk / SandPad mobility aid, which currently provides greater stability for thousands of cane and crutch users across sand and other difficult terrains.

Jerry is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in film, and also served as President of Columbia’s West Coast Alumni Chapter from 1999 through 2001.

Kira Macoun –

Host, Fitness Guru, Bad Corporation Analyst, Curator/Pilferer of Contemporary Alley Art.

Kira Macoun experienced her first march in 2003 in Washington DC when she protested against the Iraq War. Since then she has been a part of flash mobs, bank sit-ins, civil disobedience, street theater, canvassing, lobbying & phone banking. She’s been a part of organizing for US Uncut, moveon.orgTYT Chicago, and was volunteer coordinator for a 40th Ward aldermanic campaign, which ousted a corrupt 36 year incumbent. She has marched and risked arrest on behalf of Occupy Wall Street, Democracy Spring and The People’s Lobby. You can find her as a featured organizer in the documentary film “We’re Not Broke”. She has also wrestled for the Mud Queens of Chicago since 2009, and holds the 2015 and 2016 championship belts. Kira owns two businesses, and is a wife and mom.

Ed Heller –

Deep Dish Pizza Enthusiast. 

Edward Heller is an artist, home cook, baker (and eater) of things delicious, a bbq hobbyist, Chicago Pizza knowledge purveyor,
“Veteran” of the mid 1990s AOL Chicago Chat Flame Wars,
the 2019-2021 #PizzaWars (see also #PizzaCivilWarLetters),
lead negotiator in the NY/Chicago #PizzaAccords of 2021,
and understander of basic macroeconomics, federal spending, and Modern Monetary Theory. He is haunted frequently by a ghost cow and her human counterpart.

Ed highly recommends:

Reading a book now and then: Pizza and Macroeconomics Book Hub

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